Over the past couple days since my last post I have continued studying on Network+ and the Mitre ATT&CK course. In the Mitre area I now have 4 badges from them, not sure what they are worth but I have them. Going to continue banging them out and maybe they will mean something in the end.

As is tradition at this point I have my oolong tea brewing and I am getting ready to study more for the Network+ then after a bit I think I will check out AttackIQ and see what I can get accomplished on there. I did get invited to the AttackIQ Informed Defenders platform, so I think I will check that out more today as well and see what that platform provides. Looking forward to the day.

Well I forgot to post yesterday, but I was able to earn two more badges through Attackiq and get some more ours into studying for my Network+ cert. At some point I need to set up a lab and get more familiar with the inner workings of a router but that will come in time I suppose. Anyways off to spend time with the wife and study more in the morning.

Unfortunately wasn’t able to get much studying in yesterday as it was Mother’s day and I had spent the majority of the day at my parent’s house. I am looking to put in the extra work today to catch up. Let’s shoot for at least 1 more badge on Attackiq as well as sometime studying for the Network+ exam. May put out an update later tonight on my progress. Got my oolong tea steeping now, ready for a productive day.

The true day 1 of my journey. I obtained my Security+ certification in February of 2020 and have done nothing in the past year with it. Part of that is being ghosted by someone that was supposed to mentor me, though much of that year has been me testing different waters seeing what interested me from Web Development to Routing and Switching. Yet, I still hold a candle for Infosec and want to know more and see where that can take me. So today I start a documentation of my journey to hold myself more accountable. Going to start the day with some oolong tea, some Mitre Attack, and see about some Hackersploit later on. I REFUSE to waste this year as well


A fledgling Cyber Security hopeful.

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